The best moments in life

Horváth Katalin

Wedding photographer
Memories to last forever
The best moments in life

Horváth Katalin

Wedding photographer
Memories to last forever
The art of wedding photography
The wedding documentarist


I'm Katalin Horváth's wedding, ‘making-of’ and documentary photographer. I take wedding photos in Hungary and all over Europe. 

My pictorial world is characterized by naturalness and honesty, linked to my artistic vision. Wedding photography is a complex genre, you have to be good at capturing portraits as well as actions at the same time, because in addition to creative photos, the most important thing is to capture the spontaneous events, for which you need a versatile photographic eye.

I like to capture exciting, sometimes unexpected, amazing moments, so love and joy appear in my pictures as much as drama or humor. Real stories, real emotions are at the heart of my wedding series. 

I graduated from one of the most prestigious art universities in Europe, and in addition to wedding photography, I am actively working as a photographer for TV, advertising, and art productions. As a wedding photographer, I strive to tell a story that is about the real you.  


True stories, natural moments

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Natural & Honest

The real wedding storytelling

Emotional and humorous
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My style of photography is characterized by artistic sensitivity and a documentary approach with distinct photographic techniques.

A képi kompozíciók, a hangsúlyos részletek, vagy éppen a fények használata és a textúrák kiemelése együttese határozzák meg a fényképész egyedi stílusát.

EYou can post these photos on social media, but they are much more than that. We can make beautiful Fine Art photo prints out of it, or an exclusive album, so you can give it as a gift to family and close friends.

A high quality art album is an artwork in which the photos are the works themselves.

The most memorable moments

True stories of life
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